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Mike  has been working in the industry for over 12 years as video producer, shooter and editor. He learned early in his career to get the best shot, sometimes you have to get a little dirty. Mike has been known to do whatever it takes to make sure we get that perfect shot.

Mike has a great talent for taking your idea or business and turning into a moving and cinematic visual. He has worked on numerous projects that have won awards, such as Telly’s and Addy’s and was also a finalist for the Nat Geo Wild to Inspire competition for his work filming Bald Eagles. Mike never lets weather get in the way of his vision whether that’s carrying a Movi in 90 degree heat accross Florida beaches or getting a shot of Bald Eagles catching fish in below zero temperatures in New York. His experience and passion ensures that clients look their best and their ideas come to life on screen.

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