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In episode 2 of Urban Eagles, one of the Peebles babies is injured, Dad spots a threat to the family and Mom finds something interesting in the water!

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In episode 1 of Urban Eagles, you get the chance to meet the Peebles. The pair of Bald Eagles that nest at Peebles Island. Bald Eagles mate for life and the Peebles have been mates for years, or have they?? Watch episode 1 and find out!


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The online show that follows the life of a pair of Bald Eagles in the Capital Region of New York.


URBAN EAGLES: An internet web series that explores the fascinating lives of a pair of bald eagles, named the Peebles. 

Meet the Peebles! The stars of the show. The Peebles nest at Peebles Island; an urban area with a vibrant and surprising wildlife scene, situated behind the homes, business and people of the surrounding neighborhood, this pair of bald eagles has made this their home. In this series, I will follow the eagles for a full calendar year to see the trial and tribulations of the Peebles, as they will be tested to feed themselves, raise their young, and defend their territory all while navigating the urban area that they live in. The series will also follow other local pairs as well as the numerous other bald eagles that pass through.

I started this series because I wanted to share my experiences about how amazing the bald eagle is. Most days I go out to film, it's just an eagle sitting on a tree doing nothing. So it takes numerous days and hours to get any action. But the wait is always worth it!

Any contributions you make will help me cover any expenses (hard drives, music licensing, gas, etc.)  but more importantly my time.  I believe that the more we can connect with wildlife the more we will want to protect it and there is no better way than through video. Any contribution is greatly appreciated!

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